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Nothing can ruin a garage door quicker than a broken spring.  Garage Door Repair East Patchogue has built a solid reputation over the last years as a leader in East Patchogue broken spring repair as well as all other facets of garage door installation and repair.  If you're facing a damaged or faulty garage door spring in East Patchogue, then you've found the right company to help you.  We pride ourselves on speedy emergency repairs that are done the right way the first time, ensuring that your garage door is repaired quickly.  Without a good torsion spring, your garage door is just a wall.  

East Patchogue is located on Long Island, New York, and is near some of the most picturesque bays in the country. 

Garage Door SpringA sunset in this area is a dazzling display of natural beauty, but if you're stuck in your garage because of a damaged garage door spring in East Patchogue, you won't be able travel out to see it.  East Patchogue broken spring replacement is closer than you think, however, and we can help fix garage door springs and eliminate the hassle of being stuck inside or out.   

There are two basic types of garage door springs in East Patchogue homes, and anywhere else for that matter.  Garage Door Repair East Patchogue can help with both kinds of East Patchogue garage door spring repair.

  •     A torsion spring is the large spring that connects to your garage door and essentially helps lighten the load.  It runs parallel along the top of the door itself, and if it's broken the door will be too heavy for the opener to lift.
  •     Extension springs are the vertical springs that help do the actual lifting.  Without them, the garage door opener can't pull on the door properly to open it.

If you need to replace torsion springs in East Patchogue then you should absolutely not try it yourself.  Setting the tension on these springs is difficult and can even be dangerous, and you should always trust professionals for your East Patchogue spring repair needs.  Any East Patchogue garage door spring repairs should be handled by the pros for a few reasons.

  •     Danger – Torsion spring repair is dangerous since the tension must be manually set.  If one thing goes wrong the spring can seriously injure you.
  •     Tools – You probably won't be able to find the parts or the tools to fix garage door springs in East Patchogue.
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